Below is a small sample of some of our consulting projects. Each project had different personalities, objectives, time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success.

Oil and Gas

 IT strategies, business intelligence, process improvements, integration solutions, talent and organizational need analysis, evaluation of products and services needs analysis, market analysis, worker availability, compensation, processes improvements..

Water (chemical treatment)

Market study, proof of concept with measurable benchmarks and cost analysis, permanent treatment facilities, mobile treatment processes, go to market strategies, strategic business growth.


Domestic and international cost, policies and procedures, import methods and tax requirements, container shipping methods, best practices.

Electricity (Retail Electricity Providers)

Cost analysis of purchasing energy, development of a retail electricity provider, a qualified scheduling entity, brokers, sales teams, sales strategies, software development, web strategies, development of web presence and search engine optimization (SEO).


Claims processing, business analysis, customer satisfaction, security procedures, IT strategies to comply with HIPPA, Imaging, business solutions, IT and IT services, medical tourism.