Below is a small sample of some of the projects in the energy sector. Each project had different personalities, different objectives, various time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success.


Challenge - Retail Electricity Provider was not growing as expected by the owners. They wanted to understand and make changes to reach their projected growth. Discovery - Sat in the middle of all the day-to-day activity to listen and learn how they were handling customers and calls, listened how they were responding to each other and how they responded to their management. Saw who was on time, who was late, who solved problems and who complained. Spent one week observing the office and how it was working. Interviewed the staff, management and owners. Approach - After spending the week observing and interviewing the staff we made a recommendation to the owners. We determined we needed to rearrange some of the responsibilities and leadership.  Solution - We updated job requirements, reassigned some employees to more suitable roles and saw a great improvement in production and the environment. 


Challenge - Small group wanted to start a REP. Discovery - We met with the group and determined their expectations, available funds, and timeframes. Approach - With a basic understanding we determined we needed to write business plans, marketing plans, develop literature, select systems, hire staff, establish lines of credit and go to market quickly. Solution - We started off writing the business plan and submitting it to secure funds. We agreed on a marketing plan that would help the company achieve their objectives. We then developed the literature, and selected the systems we were going to use. Next, we set the timeline for going live and lastly secured financing.


Challenge - Retail Electricity Provider was not happy with the way their current system worked. It was outdated and did not address their needs. Discovery - Reviewed their current methods and systems in place, and discussed those with their owners, managers, sales reps, customer services reps, staff and some of their clients. Approach - We determined what components and systems were working and we could interface with. We then determined things that must be changed, added or deleted. We also determined we needed a system that would scale to handle thousands of customers. Solution - We built a system accomplishing their needs that also interfaced into the other systems. We started eliminating other systems as we continued to expand the software to accommodate additional requirements.

Sales and Marketing

Challenge - Retail Electricity Provider needed to hit certain sales numbers to make their business profitable. They were using traditional methods and were not having much success. Discovery - Meet with the owners, management and staff to understand what customers were looking for and their how they were going to reach their sales objectives. Approach - With the basic understanding of the requirements, timeframe and sales objectives we determined they would need to use a software program, train multiple sales reps and build an incentive program to allow the sales reps to help us expand the sales force. Solution - We were able to train sales people, set up an incentive program, implement an online sales and recruiting software and exceed their goals.

Network of Brokers and products

Challenge - Number of brokers wanted to represent retail electricity providers but we were limited to a couple. The retail electricity providers wanted a network of brokers and independent sales reps to sell their products. Discovery - Meet with numerous sales reps and brokers along with REPs to understand the needs and requirements. Approach - With the basic understanding of both parties, an app was created to allow the sales reps access to the various products that were available for their potential customer. This app would allow multiple REP's to market their products to potential customers they may not have been able to reach. We started with a couple of REP's and and a few sales reps. We then tweaked the system and made it available to all. Solution - Implemented pilot test, reviewed results made available to all. Increased sales and gave qualified customers to the REP's.