Below is a small sample of some of the projects in the Healthcare sector. Each project had different personalities, different objectives, various time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success.

Secure smart phone transmissions to comply with HIPPA

Challenge - Medical practice was extremely concerned about transmitting data to customers on smart phones. Discovery - Smart phones transmitting patient information and medical data: texting, emails, files, images, PDF's. Approach - Utilized basic security issues, access control, physical security, back-up, disaster, legal procedures, risk management issues relating to employer and patients. With many companies providing encrypted messaging options and SaaS policies it was important to recommend the appropriate hosting provider specializing in security and encryption that is compliant with HIPPA. Solution - A strategic plan to select and implement the HIPPA compliant hosting provider, store and maintain information in a single cloud to  secure text messaging, accessibility of messages with limited time spans to protect patients’ identities and medical records per security guidelines.

Health group desperately needed integrated systems

Challenge - Health practice was extremely concerned about re-entering data into multiple systems, carriers slow paying claims, clients continuing to accrue owed bills and a large lag in cash flow. Discovery - Manual entry processes, claims not being submitted for payment and a frustrated staff. Approach - Encompassed basic understanding of the multiple systems they were using, the integration possibilities among the various platforms, the time for integration, and the training that would be needed. Solution - Integrated their appointment system with their electronic health/medical records system. Integrated the system with the insurance carriers and automated electronic deposit. This reduced overhead, increased cash flow and reconciled client’s records in a timely manner.

Combining mental health with physical medicine

Challenge - The United States spent $201 billion on mental disorders like anxiety and depression making it the costliest medical condition in the country. Discovery - Over 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed each year because of lack of testing or treating the symptoms instead of the root cause. Approach - With a basic understanding of the multiple medical and mental approaches and the limitless lab tests we interviewed numerous professionals to uncover an approach good for the patient, the medical profession and the insurance carriers. Those carriers would see this as preventive medicine and reimburse the insured. Solution - A series of lab tests would help uncover addictions, abuse, analysis of a patient’s wellness and their genetic makeup and which prescriptions are right for their chemistry.

Medical Facility Expanding

Challenge - The Company wanted to expand operations to new locations but they needed funding to expand. Discovery - Demographics, competition, equipment, staffing, cash required and return on investment. Approach - Encompassed basic understanding of cash flow, growth potential, business plans, milestones, company's stability and relationships with the equipment, software and facility vendors the requirement were solidified. Solution - A business plan and justifications were written and submitted to various lending institutions, private investors and the Small Business Administration. The funds were granted and they expanded.