Below is a small sample of some of the projects in the manufacturing sector. Each project had different languages, customs, personalities, objectives, time frames and funding available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success.

Flex Pipe Manufacture

Challenge - Client purchased used equipment. Discovery - Through automation we were instrumental in the set up and tweaking the equipment and production of the various products. Approach - With automation the raw materials and finished products were monitored, staged, shipped, tracked and invoiced. The client had a partner from a Spanish speaking country. Some of their experts were brought onsite to train workers. We set up an automated translation software allowing the Spanish speaking and English speaking individuals to communicate effectively. Solution - The equipment performed well and automation kept track of all their business. The language barrier was eliminated. 

Tool Inventor

Challenge - Inventor started with an idea and needed to get it produced, patented and sold through large retailers. Discovery - reviewed the market for similar products, reviewed the requirements and expectations for manufacturing and determined the process to get it patented. Approach - We researched the products markets domestically and internationally to find the perfect niche. We drafted drawings, made revisions and began a patent search. Our careful research found a successful application and we sent our prototype to a factory in China we selected. After making the necessary changes for the final inspection, we started to talk with major retailers. Solution - The patent was approved, manufacturing relationships were established and the product was being shipped to three major home improvement retailers.

Manufacturer's Representative

Challenge - The business owner had multiple locations and numerous products he was carrying there. He needed to consolidate some of the locations and trim down his product line. Discovery - Reviewed sales, products, financials, and volume per location, staff and cost. Interviewed owners, location managers and employees. Approach - Implemented a phased approach to eliminate products that were not generating enough revenue to carry. Based upon the analysis, we executed a strategic plan to restructure the manufacturer's representative agency. The owner was able to confidently relinquish control and empower employees to fulfill the business objectives. Solution - The changes made an immediate impact on the business, people took ownership of the facilities profitability and focused more on the products that produced revenue. This allowed the owner to have less strain. 

Saw Mills (International)

Challenge - Saw mills in the Balkan region of Bosnia and Herzegovina with owners in the US. With several language, policy and political barriers our group was presented with and unprecedented challenge. Discovery - Interviewed Owners, workers at the saw mills (through interpreters), US representatives to this region, and other saw mill owners. Approach - Recommended a US based timber mill expert be sent to run the operations, prepared packages to help secure additional funds, made pre-sale orders of lumber as we are cutting and curing, recommended setting certain revenue goals and selling the operation due to the distance and unstable government. Solution - Despite the political clout and harsh winters, the revenue numbers were met, but the owners decided to keep the facilities.