Oil & Gas


Below is a small sample of some of the projects in the oil & gas sector.  Each project had different personalities, different objectives, various time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success.

Software for daily oil production

Challenge - An Oil and Gas Company was running all of their production and assets on a spreadsheet. Oil well or oil field gaugers would write down their field production levels, maintain equipment and submit their notes to the office upon their return. The company also had equipment they needed to track the location, schedule maintenance and moving to other locations. All of the information was based upon hand written notes submitted and entered into the spreadsheet. Discovery – Reviewed their spreadsheets and methods, interviewed office staff, management and oil field gaugers. Approach - With the basic understanding of how their operation worked we determined they needed a more automated way to keep track of production and equipment. Solution - Writing an app that would run on an indestructible laptop that would gather the data and transmit automatically to the office and update their database immediately. This provided real time data for production, maintenance and tracking of assets.

Oil and gas productions wells / Oil Well Casing Contractor

Challenge - Both companies needed a more robust system to run their companies and both needed additional capital and possibly a new owner. Discovery - Reviewed software and systems, interviewed various departments, customers and management. Researched the market to understand viability of their assets and services, engaged with oil and gas experts to determine various alternatives. Approach - With the basic understanding of their software and systems and their viability in the market we prepared various solutions for their consideration. Solution - One decided to sell. We then prepared and presented a complete package to multiple investors. The other company did not sell and we upgraded their systems and established a financial partner for growth and cash flow. 

Oilfield Service Company

Challenge - Company experiencing quick growth and needed to get a better handle on its business, assets, accounting and finance. Discovery - Reviewed their limited standalone software.  Interviewed the owners, office staff, accountants and workers in the field and reviewed scheduling, Approach - With the basic understanding of their lack of an integrated system and automation of all financial accounting and needs we were able to understand and present several solutions. Solution - Implemented a pilot test of an integrated solution and then rolled it out company wide. 

Water Remediation Fracking

Challenge - Company provided water testing and treatment and developed a process for treating frack water so it could be used again. They were wanting to sell the business. Discovery - Reviewed the services and technology in place, interviewed the owners, managers, workers and some of their clients. Approach - With the basic understanding of the services they offered and the developed process we engaged a few oil and gas companies to get more insight. Solution - Determined to break the company into two offerings. Offer the sale of the water remediation company, give them licenses to use the technology and sell the fracking treatment process as a separate offering.