Below is a small sample of some of the software projects. Each project had different personalities, objectives, time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for their success

Design, Develop, Implementation

Design – Define functionality requirements, define business requirements, and define coding standards

Develop – Code, static analysis, unit test, integrate, regression test

Deploy – Functional test, deploy, load stress test, application test

Manage – Monitor, diagnose, analyze functionality and performance, and analyze business needs.

Everything from initial problem solving, strategy, design, development, implementation and optimization. 


Developed integration strategy and implementation of various products and platforms to give a seamless one data entry system.


Various statements of work for projects, from software, start-up, business plans, sales and marketing. Saas, ERP, Block Chain, Big Data, IoT.

Funding and Managing

Set up funding strategies with multiple customers with numerous projects. Various projects to manage processes from start to finish or on an interim basis.

Document Imaging Software

Orchestrated a complete turnaround of a document Imaging Software Company from initial business analysis to strategic planning and implementation of restructuring. Their product was ripe for efficient exposure, but all the company lacked was clear guidance and an experienced strategy. Our knowledge of the increasingly paperless world allowed us to achieve great successes and rewards for the parent company. The marketing strategy we developed skyrocketed sales. We helped build and maintain an enormous client base from small and private business to large scale corporations and city governments.