Below is a small sample of some of the projects we have completed in the technology sector. Each project had different personalities and objectives, various time frames and funds available. Some projects required raising additional funds, changes in management, clearer strategies and milestones that were set and adhered to for success.

Block chain

Challenge – A Foreign Company manufactures motorcycles and ships them to another country. A US company manufactures and ships tracking devices to the foreign company that installs them on the motorcycle. The finished product is sent to the in country dealers. The Dealers use a finance company providing finance of the motorcycles to the consumer. The Finance company needed the ability to locate and, through their network of towing affiliates, have the motorcycle picked up if payments are delinquent. The motorcycle will continue being tracked until end of life certificate is issued. Discovery - Starting with the motorcycle manufacturer we discovered the various systems they had in place. We also discovered the requirements and systems used to export. On the receiving countries end we discovered the import procedures and systems they used. From the US company we discovered the systems they used and the export requirements and systems used to ship to the receiving country. Again we discovered the systems used for import from the country the tracking devices were being shipped. We discovered the requirements and systems used by the installer of the tracking device to the motorcycle and their shipping procedures to the dealer network. Then we focused on the Finance Company and the systems and procedures they used. We then uncovered the methods used with the towing services throughout the country and the systems and requirements used and needed. Finally we discovered what the process and requirements would be for an end of life certificate to be generated and validated. Approach - Armed with all the systems and requirements we determined which ones already communicated with each other and the gaps. We also determined who should have access to the information and how the system should be implemented. Solution - We determined we should use block chain. We would recommend a private decentralized system instead of a public system. This will give authenticity to the transactions, allow for quicker transactions and limit it to the parties involved including manufacturers, import and export government agencies, in country installers, dealers, finance company, consumer, towing agencies and end of life government agencies.

Big Data

Challenge - An online retailer wanted to carry the bestselling products, have the right amount on hand to supply orders and understand the best time of the year to carry and offer incentives for certain products. Discovery - We determined the systems they were using along with their internet and social media presence. We determined and ranked their products by quantity of sales, time of year these products sold the best and their profit margins. We analyzed their customers’ comments, and where their clients were located. We also determined their search ranking and their delivery systems and methods. Approach - Started with their current systems and the amount of data they were collecting. Next, we determined the various data gathering solutions in the market that would provide the information we needed. This included what was trending, weather conditions, comments on the general types of products being offered, demographics and others. Solution - Provided a massive amount of data points and analytics to determine what products to carry, what time of year to carry them, the purchasing trend based upon the weather, and based upon comments understand when it was time to drop products and bring on additional products.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Challenge - Client was a longtime developer of software products they sold. The challenge was to change their products and services from a typical sale of software with maintenance to a monthly revenue generating SaaS model. Discovery - We discussed and analyzed the various packages they were offering, their annual sales and maintenance revenue along with the cost associated with updates on the client’s sites. Approach - Armed with data from the discovery we started ranking the products, determined the time and cost to change from their traditional method to a SaaS model. We started with the lowest financial impact products as a trial. We agreed on the cloud based service to use and assigned tasks with timelines and milestones. Solution - Client was able to methodically move his software business from an upfront sale with maintenance to a SaaS model. This has helped lower support cost, training, and on-site upgrades and client system and hardware issues.

Multi-Level-Marketing Software

Challenge - Company wanted to get their product to market as quickly as possible but had a limited budget to accomplish their goals. Discovery - We researched the various methods to advertise their product: TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Mailers, door hangers, door to door sales reps, a traditional sales force or a network marketing group with software. Approach - With the basic understanding of the various methods and the cost and time associated with each one we determined that writing the software and setting up independent sales reps would be the best approach for this company. Solution - We agreed to develop the software, and start finding independent sales reps to sell the product. Sales exceeded expectations and the software came in under budget and 3 months earlier than their initial time frame. 

Internet of Things (IoT) - Big Security Issue

Challenge - Not aware of a security risk. There were no policies nor procedures regarding devices that are/can be attached to the internet and exposed to hacking. Discovery - Interviewed Executives, middle management and departments on devices that are connected at work using the company’s internet. We discovered over 100 devices from webcams, automated building systems, smart TV's and numerous other devices. Approach - Established policies and procedures for connecting any device to the internet. A plan was put in place to disconnect all devices that could cause a security breach. Solution - Secure facility, reduced security risk, elimination of conversations, data and confidential information that could leak throughout the internet.